Derived from decades of experience of war-time CEO and entrepreneur, Brandon Dawson, this course series is structured to break down a business owners broken beliefs and past experiences and build backup the methodology and intricate process of identifying self-awareness, determining the most accurate methods of reacting and responding, dialing in operational effectiveness at an individual level, and establishing the elements needed for exponential growth through self-improvement.


This program is for fully committed individuals who are willing to become extremely vulnerable in order to create high impact change in their businesses. It will include comprehensive videos, complementing activities, and will request the participants to share their experiences and work diligently to drill, practice, rehearse, and apply the content strategies and philosophies.

ME Business Leadership

LEVEL IIWE Business Leadership

LEVEL III Certified Business Leadership Master50 videos per
level including comprehensive activities = 150
  • 50 videos per level including comprehensive activities = 150 video series
  • 2 videos and activities released each week
  • Monthly private group coaching calls with Brandon Dawson
  • 2-day bootcamp retreat per level = 3 bootcamps

Client Testimonials

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FIT Solutions
Mike "C-Roc"
Nations Lending
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