What Type of Leader Are You?

What Type of Leader Are You?

Leadership is something many people think they understand, but actually don’t. I’ll admit something… not even I knew what it meant to be a leader until I surrounded myself with people who were remarkable examples of what a leader is… and isn’t. 

When I’m talking to other business owners, the topic of leadership always comes up. They ask me how I’m able to lead such exceptional teams… and I always say that in order to be a great leader, you need to lead by example if you want to develop a culture of high-performers and successfully build a results-driven team. Because, in its simplest terms, it’s a “monkey see, monkey do” type of situation.

You want your employees to truly understand your company’s mission and vision. You want your work ethic to inspire others to do more and be more. You want to set the bar so high, that others will be challenged to do the same… or better. 

At Cardone Ventures, we measure leadership in two different ways...

“Me” Leaders

These people are great at leading themselves. They’re experts in their field, they reach their personal deadlines, have tangible goals, and strive to be better today than they were yesterday. 

Most people fall under this category, but not everyone is a “Me” Leader. In fact, 40% of business owners that we’ve surveyed score themselves below a 6 in “Me” Leadership. And while this type of candor and transparency is encouraged, bettering yourself in order to better your team should be your top priority.

I always say this, but small thinking gets small results, and small talking, gets people to have small expectations. So think big, talk big, and you’ll start attracting people with bigger goals and ambitions, aligning them with you. 

Now we have the...

“We” Leaders

Not everyone is a “We” Leader. Most people think they’re good “We” Leaders, but the reality is… they’re not. 9 out of 10 people need to TRAIN themselves to be good “We” Leaders… including myself! 

When it comes to “We” Leadership, it’s not about the number of people that report to you, or the number of times you’ve dictated things to others… it’s much more than that. It’s about inspiring people, developing them, and pushing others to be the best version of themselves

“We” Leaders see the value in partnership and teamwork, and truly understand that businesses don’t grow massive by individual contributions. They grow by massive team contributions.

Everyone Follows the Leader

If you want to build a strong team, with movers and shakers that are as passionate about your business as you are, YOU need to be their example. 

Let me ask you this: do you respond better to people who demand that you do things, or people who lead by example?

For me, the answer is easy: I follow the leader who is doing and getting results, versus talking and having no results. For example, the people I have in my circle, and leading my teams, are the best at what they do, but more importantly are even better at inspiring everyone in their sphere of influence to continue their growth at all cost. Invest in it, and pursue it.  True leadership is making other peoples success easy, through example, based on results not title. 

So what type of leader will you be, today and every day?

- Brandon Dawson

Co-Founder and CEO of Cardone Ventures