EVP, Operations

Natalie Workman


Natalie Workman is a leader and expert in developing teams and people. She has interviewed, hired, trained and managed hundreds of employees; thus, allowing her an expansive knowledge on how to build and scale teams.

Natalie believes in the power of aligning people with business goals through operational and financial integration. She's devoted to showing business owners how to create a culture that engages employees while simultaneously ensuring the business mission, values, and goals are shared and aligned.

The foundation for Natalie's ability to execute is her desire to continually apply her insights gained through both her work experience and formal education. Her studies at  London School of Economics focused on Organizational Development and Macroeconomics.

Since then, Natalie has been building a strong following with the nation's most business savvy executives. A strong prowess for leadership and expertise in communication, process optimization with measurable returns on investment, Natalie's ability to identify and execute strategic business priorities has led to her role as Vice President of Operations for Cardone Ventures.

She also has a podcast, WorkWoman, a no-nonsense guide for ambitious women in the the workplace.

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