The Ultimate Guide For Your Business To Survive In Any Crisis. The World Is Shifting & So Must The Way You Do Business.

What legacy will you create with your team and business during unprecedented times of challenge?

Grant Cardone, Brandon Dawson, and their team of curated executives have created this e-book to give step-by-step instructions on how to walk your company through any crises. With topics including Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Finance, Cardone Ventures wants to raise your belief in coming through any hardship unscathed. Don’t survive. Thrive.


Brandon Dawson is a scaling and turn around expert, serial entrepreneur, and real estate investor who has a passion for helping business owners and their teams amplify their vision and impact through belief, strategy, execution and team alignment. It is Brandon’s mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their value and quality of life through the attainment of personal, professional, and financial goals.