Interview Questions to Find The Perfect Hire

Interview Questions to Land You The Perfect Hire

And Red Flags to Look Out For During Interviews

The #1 mistake business owners make when interviewing people is not asking the right questions

Remember: The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your results. If you don't learn to ask the right questions, you will not get the right results.

But before going into the interview, you need to ask yourself…

Are you prepared?

Opportunities present themselves when you’re prepared. This allows you time to think and be intentional. Being prepared shows that you did your research—something as simple as reading their resume and seeing whether or not their skills and experience are aligned with your company’s needs. 

Being prepared allows you to be in control of the conversation.

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is imperative to knowing whether or not someone is fit for the job. Plain and simple. You’d be amazed with how many business owners and leaders fail to ask interviewees whether or not they can do something that’s crucial to their role—like using excel or Photoshop.

Here are Five Quality Questions you can ask:

  1. Can they use a platform or system that’s required to do the job?
  2. Are they able to provide examples on how they added value in their last position?
  3. What do they know about your company?
  4. What are their 1, 3, and 5 year goals?
  5. Are they looking for a job or a career?

But here’s the thing… you need to look out for some red flags…

Are they listening?

When you speak, does it seem like they’re listening to what you say or ask? Oftentimes, I notice interviewees are eager to respond, and they end up misunderstanding a question. It’s important to note their communication styles early on because it gives you hints to what having them inside your organization, leading them, would be like. 

Are you listening?

While it’s important that they listen to you… you need to listen to them. Listen to their responses. Whether or not they’re “me” or “we” leaders. Listen to what they say—and don’t don’t say, too.

When you ask them a question, do they deviate and stumble over their words, or are they firm in their responses, and able to provide more detail into their accomplishments and statements on their resumes?

Have they done their research?

This is what sets apart the people that want to work for you and build a career with you, vs the people that just want a job. Those that care, will have done their research. Provided that you’re transparent and your website clearly states your mission, vision, and values, then anyone who’s remotely interested in working with you will have easy access to it. 

My favorite question to ask is, what do you know about us? From there, I know exactly who came prepared, and who didn’t. 

The Takeaway…

Finding “the perfect hire” doesn’t exist…  but attracting quality, coachable people, aligning them with your company’s mission and vision, and developing them to become high-performers is highly doable

Just ask Grant Cardone and I. We, along with the help of Natalie Dawson, built the very team that took us from $0 to $56 million in 24 months. 

- Brandon Dawson