The 10X EMPLOYEE complements the 10X OWNER program and includes an online course, live webinars, and culminates in a retreat to learn directly from experts in top employee contribution, growth, and success.

Built from Brandon Dawson’s multiple decades of private and corporate business ownership and his journey of discovery on how to effectively prepare for scaling a business, while bringing along his team of employees who aligned with his mission, vision, and values and helped contribute to the growth of the organizations.

The 10X EMPLOYEE program hosts 3 Live Webinars and culminates in one 2-Day Bootcamp retreat with your business owner in the 10X OWNER program, where you’ll learn directly from Brandon Dawson and other experts how to implement the techniques covered throughout the course.

Access to proprietary online social collaboration and education platform where courses are hosted and managed.

Access to 15 individual courses wIth 25 videos and complementing activities.

Access to direct communication with other participants for  networking and collaboration.

Reserved seat and automatic registration for all three LIVE webinars with brandon dawson.

Personalized support on-demand via online platform.

reserved seat for in-person, 2-day Structures Success Retreat with BrandON Dawson.

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